Unveiling the Secrets of Forged Wheels: A Beginner’s Guide

Custom wheels are not just about getting from A to B – they are about making heads turn!

With a sea of choices out there, it is no wonder car enthusiasts are spoilt for style. But when it comes to top-notch quality and endless personalization, one type reigns supreme: K7 forged wheels. These don’t just look good, they are built to perform.

This article explains all about forged wheels – what they are made of and why they are so good. This article further explains why K7 Forged is the best place to procure custom, superior-quality forged wheels in the UAE.

Why is it called “Forged”?

Forged wheels are like the gold standard of car wheel artisanship. And if you are into customizing your ride, these wheels, which are сonstruсteԁ with premium-grade aluminum alloy have got you covered with all their perks. They often have a single-piece aluminum alloy wheel design. With these wheels, you also get unrivaled strength and toughness for maximum on and off-road performance. 

The reason why they are known as “forged” is that the aluminum is formed into the shape of the wheel rims by pressing or hammering it. BBS Wheels first introduced mold-forged wheels back in 1983. Then, as CNC machines got more precise, machine-forged wheels hit the market and became popular among big wheel makers. These wheels are a top pick for those looking to improve the appearance and functionality of their car.

How are Forged Wheels made?

Let’s dive into making of forged wheels. It begins from a raw block of 6061-T6 aluminum. This high-grade aluminum is chosen due to its durability and malleability. 

The block is heated at an extreme temperature and pressured hard enough, forging the aluminum in the required shape. This is an important step as it not only forms the wheel in its initial shape but also arranges the grain structure of the alloy. There are no porosity or shrinkage possibilities ensuring adequate strength. 

The wheels are then machined thoroughly using a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine. The CNC machines carve the wheel’s profile, barrel, spokes, center bore, lug holes, and other design details. Despite the advanced technology, this machining is very laborious and time-consuming. Each wheel can take 8-10 hours.

After machining, the wheels are hand and machine-cleaned to make the surface look up to the mark. Then, the wheels are finished and painted by a skilled worker which enhances the beauty of the wheels and also serves as a coating guard to ensure longevity.

Benefits of Forged Wheels

Premium Quality Wheels

The forging process eliminates imperfections commonly found in cast wheels. This ensures superior strength and structural integrity. This also translates to enhanced safety and performance on the road, making these wheels the preferred choice for drivers.

Moreover, because these wheels are made with a finer grain structure than casted wheels, it offers them more strength. As a result, they can withstand more load and stress without deforming or cracking, even under harsh driving conditions of Dubai terrain.

Customization Options

Another advantage of using these wheels is that they offer many customization possibilities. Drivers can choose from various designs, allowing them to design the perfect wheelset that complements their vehicle and reflects their personality. 

For example, K7 Forged allows customers to choose from a selection of different bespoke designs, finishes, and even sizes. As a result, car owners can create their perfect wheelset that fits their vehicle and personality, turning heads wherever they go.

Fill out this form on the custom design page and we will contact you back to discuss your ideas soon!

Easier Maintenance

These wheels are carefully designed to require low maintenance due to their long-lasting construction and corrosion resistance. As a result, users will not suffer from curb damage or excessive accumulation of brake dust or environmental wear.

Car lovers can enjoy their wheels for years with little more than regular cleaning to maintain their appearance. Additionally, these wheels have a smooth, non-porous surface that simplifies washing.

Durable Build

Forged wheels are among the most robust wheel categories, guaranteeing exceptional longevity due to their production and design. 

These wheels have a strong, reliable structure that can handle all sorts of driving, whether it’s rough mountain roads, desert or city streets.

Long-Lasting Performance

In addition to their visual appeal, forged wheels demonstrate tangible performance benefits. Besides being lightweight, these wheels offer increased stiffness. 

These wheels also boost overall agility, responsiveness, and dynamics. The latter leads to a much more engaging driving experience and potential performance uplift.

K7 Forged: Best Marketplace for Premium-Grade Custom Wheels

Looking for top-tier, bespoke forged wheels manufacturers in the UAE? Look no further than K7 Forged. 

Driven by a commitment to excellence and a vision for innovation, K7 Forged offers an impressive selection of custom wheel models, manufactured from aerospace-grade aluminum 6061-T6 and using advanced production techniques. 

Our team specializes in providing a classic look and superior performance. We create modern designs that surpass your expectations. We are proud of our capability to design and produce high-quality custom wheels.

Our dedicated engineering team collaborates with each client to understand their vision. This allows us to create unique wheel designs that align precisely with their requirements.

Overview of Our Forged Wheel Design Process

At K7 Forged, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering high-quality forged wheels. These wheels are manufactured with extreme precision that exceeds our client’s expectations. 

We bring your ideas to life through innovation and precision engineering. Here is a sneak peek into the process of making your dream custom wheels a reality.

Step 1: Initial Discussion

The project begins with an exhaustive consultation where we take a keen interest in our clients’ dreams, desires, and expectations about their preferred tastes and styles. Regardless of their reason, whether performance improvements or simply an attraction to the visual aesthetic, the initial discussion essentially lays the groundwork for the entire design process.

Step 2: Concept and Design

We then move on to the phase where our team of experienced designers and skilled engineers develops a concept and designs wheels most suited to our client’s preferences. The design is a detailed process that addresses every single element such that, upon completion, the design presents itself as a piece that complements the client’s vehicle and defines specific personal taste.

Step 3: 3D Design Creation

We use cutting-edge 3D ԁesign software to create a detailed 3D model of your design concept. The 3D design process gives the client an excellent opportunity to review their custom designs in fine detail. This makes it possible to request any changes before production of the final product.

Step 4: Engineering Validation & Testing

Before manufacturing, all designs go through a rigorous engineering validation and testing procedure. Our team of engineers ensures a thorough structural analysis to ensure maximum durability and optimal performance. We conduct a comprehensive FEA analysis to deliver the highest quality. Once the product is validated, we send the design to our clients for final approval. After that, we start the manufacturing process. 


Forged wheels provide unparalleled strength & aesthetic flexibility. Their numerous performance-enhancing benefits take the driving experience to another level. 

Whether your priority lies in style or performance, or both, exploring the range of wheels from K7 Forged guarantees you the perfect blend of form and function, tailored to your unique vehicle preferences. 

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