Master Performance: The Ultimate Guide to Drag and Track Racing Wheels

Drag wheels and track wheels information

If you’re keen on drag and track racing, you already know that the wheels in your high-performance car can make a difference between dominating and getting left in the desert dust. The numbers surely don’t lie: just half a kilogram of weight reduction from a rotating wheel translates to a performance boost similar to removing 3 […]

The Surprising Reasons Why You Should Invest In Custom Wheels

custom wheels

If you’ve ever cruised down Sheikh Zayed Road, you’ll see a multitude of vehicles from all kinds of brands. But, most times, they all have the same factory-fitted silver spokes.  It is true that you’ve spent a lot of money of your new vehicle and then to give it custom wheels may put a huge […]

Off Road Beadlock Wheels: Everything You Need To Know

Beadlock wheels

Picture yourself at the top of a massive dune in one of the driest deserts in the world. Your heart is beating fast as you make your way across the loose sand. But a never-ending doubt crosses your mind: will your tires be able to handle the rigorous desert drive? Beadlock wheels give you the […]

The Benefits of Using Forged Off-road Wheels

Off-road wheels

As you climb a sand dune, the desert winds whip through your hair. Your engine rumbles in perfect harmony with the rattle of the wheels on the loose gravel.  Off-roading is an exciting activity that challenges you and your vehicle. But when the going gets rough, will regular cast wheels keep you going? Every off-road […]

Monoblock vs Two-piece Forged: The Ultimate Showdown for Wheel Performance

Forged wheels

While most people consider custom wheels an aesthetic choice, car enthusiasts like you understand how crucial wheels are to your car’s performance, handling, and braking.  That said, not all wheels have the same benefits. It depends on what you want from your car. In this blog post, we’ll have a head-to-head battle between two of […]

Unveiling the Secrets of Forged Wheels: A Beginner’s Guide

Forged wheels

Custom wheels are not just about getting from A to B – they are about making heads turn! With a sea of choices out there, it is no wonder car enthusiasts are spoilt for style. But when it comes to top-notch quality and endless personalization, one type reigns supreme: K7 forged wheels. These don’t just […]